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The Fitness Factory App is here to create a better platform for gyms and other health centers to reach their members. The app allows users to enable any healthy lifestyle they are looking to create for themselves. Our app centralizes exercise, nutrition, organizational, and coming soon mental health tools that make hitting your goals much easier and more efficient.

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How to start publishing on Fitness Factory?

Submit an application for Fitness Factory approval. Once submitted, Fitness Factory will contact you for additional details. Upon approval, your business will be enabled to share their workout, exercise, nutrition, and mental health tips & tricks. We also give the ability to advertise classes in gyms, yoga studios, pilates studios, boxing, self-defense, and many more! You can read more about our story and mission below!

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  • Mental Health

    The Fitness Factory’s primary goal is to be the #1 app chosen by school districts in North America. Our goal is to teach youth about strong exercise, nutrition, mental health, and organization tools that enable them to create a healthier lifestyle. Our goal is to teach the importance of a routine & schedule at a young age, so when kids are older, staying healthy isn’t so hard.

    Coming soon to the Fitness Factory App will be our Mental Health section where users can create a mental health routine to add into their lifestyle. Our mission is to combine mental health and workout routines, for example using meditation for 10 minutes before or after a workout. Using Fitness Factory, our vision for users is to be able to hold themselves accountable, track their progress, and find new channels of interests in one place. Our goal is to incorporate mental health into any form of lifestyle.

    At the gym, we want to change the term “gym” into “health centers” enabling them to create profit off new offerings for Mental Health such as therapy, group therapy, meditation rooms, and much more! We believe that image, is a strong association with going to the gym, which our mission is to obliterate this link. We want to create a welcoming space for everyone trying to live a better lifestyle, rather than being judged for showing up.

    A part of our mission is to ensure that all of our users understand the importance of daily mental health practices. Inside our platform we want to create a space for users to have ease of access to what they need rather than limited to what is offered. Throughout our platform we have created a customized interface so users can decide for themselves and feel empowered about how they want to conduct their mental health.

    Our home feed allows users to seek for affordable, credible, and a diverse range of mental health offerings. Inside this feed users can gain access to classes or professionals for flexibility in creating their desired lifestyle. Our primary focus will be tackling anxiety and depression with our Mental Health partners.

    Our Story

    Fitness Factory is breaking through to our schools in Ontario to teach the importance of exercise, nutrition, and mental health habits starting at a young age. Our mission is to provide tools that create a strong routine to live the lifestyle you want. Our mission is to become the #1 platform used by North American school districts to help teach children nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

    The Fitness Factory App’s primary business model is to enable health studios to be more profitable and efficient to run. We allow for businesses to sell their current offerings to a larger audience in its preferred areas, giving gyms the ability to create new offerings with our software(Like professional psychologists), and creating an experience with their members’ lifestyle.